Can I keep this up?

I love to blog. I am not very good at it but I thoroughly enjoy it. I love to post about really good deals I get and just about my life albeit it is incredibly boring. I have always blogged off and on and have changed webpages multiple times. I have always quit my blogs but have just missed it so incredibly much. I don’t have a lot of time for it these days (you always have time, I just don’t manage it well) but need to because I really enjoy it! Plus, blogger friends are fantastic!

I am starting a change come July 1st. I have got to lose weight. Once I lose the weight I usually keep it off just fine. Incentives work well too!

I had a baby boy 11/24/15….I lost the baby weight pretty fast….but I still have baby weight from baby boy #1 03/14/13 …yeah… I need to lose about 6 lbs. The incentive if i lose the weight is that I am then allowed to go and buy shutterfly christmas cards! I love them but haven’t done them in a while because they are pricey!

Here is my baldy, Linc, at 7 months old

my 3 yr old, Maxim 😀





I have always been a huge fan of pinterest. It took me a while to come aboard but I haven’t looked back since!

I have 2,108 pins and 36 boards. I pin stuff just to be able to look back on it. I don’t have a baby girl but I sure as heck have the cutest baby girl rooms if that ever happens (I am pretty sure Matt and I will have a boy filled family, lol)

I have made a pact to myself to complete a few projects by October. I always want to make the cutest holiday crafts and fill silly for doing it in July but then the fall comes and busy happens.

Here are my pinterest projects!

A “Seasons” Wall. I have not actually seen this but we do have a wall in the kitchen (where there is a dry erase calendar that still says “December” on it….that my dad antagonizes me every time he sees it. I am  going to take this down and make a picture collage of pictures about each season!

Here are some Spring pictures that I will put up

3-19-2015 8-02-22 AM

A “Hero” wall – About 2 years ago (I know, I am BAD!) I asked if I could get pictures from both of our families of everyone who was in the military. I wanted to make a wall that Max could look at and be proud of. Yeah, I have the pictures and in frames but nothing is up. I came across this pin the other day and hope to find a good picture to be in the center of all the pictures J

3-19-2015 8-13-05 AM

Halloween Countdown, Thanksgiving Countdown, Christmas Advent – I am going to continue with what We did for Thanksgiving – Maxim loved the thankful tree. I will also keep the Spider Halloween countdown as he got a kick out of that. I just need to get them set up and ready.

3-19-2015 10-13-39 AM

3-19-2015 10-15-07 AM

A Secret Christmas Present. I have to make 4 of these.


3-19-2015 8-14-06 AM

Happy Birthday Jesus Box (another Christmas Advent)

 3-19-2015 10-10-04 AM

Elf on the shelf ready and prepared for all his activities (My mom got him one last year and we just had him hang out on the fireplace and he pointed to him a lot. I have a feeling he will be ready this year)

 3-19-2015 10-10-21 AM

Completely finish my GOD quiet book – yeah, I almost finished this last year and did nothing with It, time to finish!!

 3-19-2015 10-12-32 AM

Paint the guest bathroom!! I have a wonderful vision in my head but I believe I will have to buy my fake pink peonies first before I go looking for a paint color. I am thinking a green but I am unsure right now.

3-19-2015 9-35-06 AM

Our first project should be the bathroom but I am going to be working hard on the Hero wall and Seasons wall!

Now for some Max pics!

2015-03-18 18.00.25

3-19-2015 10-27-16 AM

That is Max above…with his feet on the table, lol

Maxim is two!

Our love bug turned two on March 14th!!


Look at this booger!!


Now two!!!


We got him some balloons! He freaked!


We “mistakenly” got Max this chalk paint…our whole patio is covered as wells as his body! It wipes off so easily though!

He got some chalk from his Auntie C!!


I did not want to have a party, After his big 1st bday shindig I just wanted close family and friends and am waiting until he wants to have a party.

We went classy and popped on over to Chuck E. Cheese.

The toddler zone was crappy but we did what we could!!


He wanted to play Skee Ball so badly so we let him and had to yell “FOUR” a lot!!


He loves Gigi’s Cupcakes!


We spent all Sunday outside painting and hanging out in the sandbox…


My mom got him a Wobble, it is massive and a lot of fun to play with!


My parents going to Maui!! I had the pleasure of dropping them off at the Airport on Sunday Morning! I love airports!! It was super busy at 7am!

Max’s Stats!

Max had his 2 year check up this past Friday!



The kid won’t eat, but he’ll drink the heck out of Milk, Water, and super watered down juice!!

Stats: 34 inches and 26 lbs

We have always known the he wouldn’t be a massive child. They say you should double their height when they are 2 and that is how tall he will be…5’8″ it is!

26lbs is in the 40th or so percentile. We were floored, lol! We thought he would be underweight!

His screaming issues at bedtime are normal (the past two nights he hasn’t screamed when I put him to bed)

His eating issues are normal for this age!


We get home, I make his lunch and I hear this business going on. All toys were saved. The TP sadly met the end of their life and Max promptly laid on the wet floor.


Past weekend!

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

I apologize that it has been a while, Max got a fever virus, I got a fever virus, my amazing Grandpa passed away and we had a wedding this past weekend so this was put on the backburner.

We went to Boerne this past weekend to attend a wedding for some good friends of ours. I love going to Boerne but traveling there takes a lot out of me! Max has never been a good car rider, even since he was born. I remember refusing to go anywhere because the kid would just scream!

Well he still does it. We try to drive during nap times but unfortunately those don’t last very long. He did fall asleep eating chocolate this past time….

2015-03-06 12.56.23

2015-03-07 11.05.25

Presley is such a good sport! Matt stayed at the wedding Saturday night (he was a groomsmen), while Max and I went home. The second I got home I saw that Presley was quarantined to the hallway. I found out that he has been having accidents since we had left. They thought that he was rebelling some but I have never known Presley to rebel or pee on a carpet. It turns out it was bloody urine he was peeing. We took him to Herbst Vet (THE BEST!!) and found out that he has a bladder infection.

He also had crystals in his urine but they had not formed to Kidney Stones. He got a shot, antibiotics and brand new prescription strength food to help him out. We go back to the vet Friday to see how he is doing!!

Gabby who is usually the one that always gets in trouble was pretty easy this past weekend.

2015-03-07 07.27.37

That is actually someone’s real name. He runs a funeral home in San Antonio…oh sheesh

2015-03-07 13.12.23

Carla, Delaney, and I left the boys to watch the kiddos and went to Paul’s Gourmet Popcorn. This is by far the best popcorn I have ever had…anywhere! The flavors were amazing. I bought mini bags of those four samples above. Puppy Chow is the best!

2015-03-07 16.32.29




Yup, I forgot black socks!


Happy Family…he was super good that night! Everyone loooooooved him!

We then had a wonderful family get together the next afternoon to celebrate Matt’s, Mine, and Maxim’s birthday!

2015-03-08 13.19.14 2015-03-08 13.59.35


2015-03-08 14.23.10 2015-03-08 14.23.01



I have been feeling pretty strong about this lately. It is very hard to live by.

Max got a Build a Bear!

Maxim has been doing great without the pacifier!

It takes him longer to fall asleep and he has had little cries in the middle of the night but goes right back to bed. Deja Vu of his first year of life (when he couldn’t get himself back to sleep).

We decided to celebrate by going to Build a Bear. I could not for the life of me find any coupons (bummed) but we still went. I had money left over from a Mall Gift card and decided to treat the booger.

2015-01-16 14.47.04

He got to pick out two hearts because we are crazy parents and didn’t have our cameras out and we missed the first inserting of the heart

2015-01-16 14.47.07

Oh yeah, he picked a Giraffe! He first picked up a Longhorn but told him no, hahah, we just showed him other NON UT options 😉

2015-01-16 14.47.08

So we got to name the Giraffe! Max isn’t quite there with picking out a name but I believe when we asked him he said Raffe (Giraffe) but I heard ROSS. It stuck – So the Giraffe’s name is ROSS and he calls it Ross all the time!

Crazy thing Matt pointed out: Ross (David Schwimmer) was a Giraffe in Madagascar! Small World

2015-01-16 14.57.06

2015-01-16 14.56.46

He LOVES Ross! I love seeing him tug the guy around!

2015-01-16 14.57.03

How we got rid of the pacifier

Let’s hope Night 2 goes well!

Maxim had his 2nd dentist appointment last Friday (He went to his first one at 1yr old).

Teeth scare me (I am the most terrified about falling down and knocking out teeth and I have so many dreams about my teeth) so I took him when I thought he needed to go.

The dentist thought it was great to take him at 1 year old and recommends it for all kids who have teeth by 1.

2014-11-22 06.35.47

So we took him in January (should have been every 6 months but they only had appointments during his nap time) and we were told something we didn’t want to hear…. That Max’s palate is shifting because of his pacifier. We were told that we caught it early on and that it should shift back if we nix the pacifier. (I thought that only thumb sucking did this 😦 )


This brought great anxiety. He only uses it in the car and at night and it is shifting!!

I think I was more upset that my kid was growing up and we were letting go of another baby thing. He is a full blown toddler and we just had to nix the paci!


Here’s what we did.

1. We quit the car trip pacifier

2. We took out all but 1 plug that was to be with him at night (he used to have 6  because they would fall outside the crib during the night)

3. Once the plug fell out of bed he was out of luck and had to sleep without it for the rest of the night.

We did this Friday-Monday

He did remarkably well!

We heard of so many different ways to get rid of the pacifier.

We did cut a plug and gave it to him and he laughed at the air coming through when he tried to suck. I thought this would just piss him off in bed even more so we got rid of that idea. (Plus there are stories of kids chewing on the pacifier and ripping it to shreds)

We also did cut it cold turkey (that lasted 5 minutes). Max was so hooked on the pacifier at night that cutting his soother was mean (we thought). So we decided to do it gradually.

1-14-2015 7-06-47 AM

Matt is more brave than me so last night he put Max to bed without a pacifier and Max wanted to take a car to bed so we let him and then he told him goodnight and left. Max searched for the plug but there was no crying!

He did wake up around 5 and whined for about a minute and then went back to sleep. He is learning to put himself back to sleep without the pacifier.

Breaks my heart – my booger is growing up.

2015-01-13 21.18.38

No Pacifier!!

So small recap….

-Made it to where Pacifier was used only at night

-Only gave him one Pacifier to sleep with – if it fell out of crib he had to sleep without it (unless there was a major meltdown)

-Made sure he had his pillow and blankey and if he wanted a car in bed he could – said night night and to go to sleep very sweetly. We took the pacifier away the 5th night

-I am sure he will make a fuss some nights, but he can do it!