He’s there

I am a very skeptical person. I don’t want to be glass half empty but I try to never count my chickens before they hatch. This has made me question God many times. We have dealt with a lot in the past 6 months (although it may seem nothing – I rather take when we have rather than losing a loved one) which made me question if he was even there. It doesn’t help that in college my major was Geography and I was fed a lot of atheist crap from my professors.


Anyways, we have had some issues….


Two days after I returned to work from maternity leave I was laid off. Matt’s grandmother died in March. Our water heater blew and flooded our first floor in May – while we were in Austin for the weekend. Our Claims adjuster was difficult to work with. Someone hit my car in the parking lot In June – making us take out yet another claim. It has been 8 weeks and our house is sitting empty with walls gone and concrete floors. Like I said I questioned his existence. Why did this keep happening?


Oh gosh, I don’t do well with problems. But then I sat and thought….


I was laid off – but I was also given 12 weeks severance and I also got my yearly bonus which makes it possible for us to afford this home mishap (upgrading our carpet)


I was hit in the parking lot – the lady that came out of the SUV begged me to not call the police because she was on probation (yikes). I didn’t and she complied with my insurance and I didn’t have to pay for our deductible.


God is not going to prevent stuff from happening to us. He is trying to show me that he is here and is laying opportunities in my lap.


There is this frame at my work (yes – I got a new job 3 weeks after I was laid off – so I received double income for 8 weeks – THANK you God!)



“At the heart of each crisis is a tremendous opportunity.”



To make a long story short we were going to have to pay about 6k out of pocket for the repairs (not including upgrades) We asked our contractor and our adjustor to help us. Our adjustor upped his estimate and our contractor lowered his and everyone is in agreement. We are going to start work on our house soon.


Thank you JESUS. I miss our house.