Diaper Cost Spreadsheet

So we will have two kids under our roof in November. That means 2x the daycare. Daycare is super expensive so I am trying to start being cheap frugal and start eliminating unnecessary spending and to start saving up.

We are trying to get Max out of diapers. He fully understands the diaper situation and doesn’t care for the potty right now. We are still working on it, I even had a dream last night that he went potty…love those awesome dreams!

I decided to create a spreadsheet after I heard that someone actually loved Parent’s Choice diapers (Walmart). I am always skeptical of cheap diapers but my kiddo does not have sensitive skin and the only diapers I REFUSE to buy are Pampers (something about that mesh).

btw – this is for size 4


So I went and bought Diapers at Walmart! There’s a little money to save right there!

I am also going to start buying a pack of size 1/2 diapers to stock up for November!

There is a great deal going on at Target, if you buy 2 large packs of Up&Up diapers you get a $25 giftcard. Great deal and diapers end up costing around 13 cents (someone told me). I just can’t afford two $37.99 packs of diapers (192 count)

5-29-2015 8-19-04 AM

We have an $80 kiddo budget per month and Max needs some wipes and some new shirts so this one will have to be passed on right now. Like I need a giftcard to Target…. you don’t go there and not buy more than $100 worth of goodies….

Now some pictures of Max this week…

2015-05-23 09.13.02

2015-05-21 18.16.01

2015-05-24 16.33.48

2015-05-25 16.09.39


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