Long time no see

It has been forever. So Sorry! When I found out I was pregnant the world basically changed! I was super sick at the start. Nausea without vomiting is no joke. I had no energy and couldn’t eat. I finally got Diclegis – which is FDA approved for Pregnant people – it is basically Unisom and B6. That made a worlds of difference but didn’t change the fact that my energy level was at 0%.

I am now 14 weeks along and am starting to feel better energy wise. I still take Diclegis – only because I am scared not to. I still get sick to my stomach at night so I know it is not over.

You may not want to come to our house anytime soon. It is a zoo.

These past 3 months in a nut shell…

– Went to a wedding, found out i was pregnant the next day!

– Came home from wedding to find out Presley was sick, took him to emergency vet in Boerne and found out Presley had a UTI and has crystals – diet change for the rest of his life $280 later

– Found out baby is due 11/17!

–  Had to go back to the vet because somehow Fleas got in our house and caused Presley to lick everything… another $280 spent

– Max running around like a mad man most of the time and getting bumps and bruises all over the place


Our Annoucement!

5-21-2015 7-53-20 AM

Max has become obsessed with Curious George – he will try to take him everywhere

5-19-2015 3-58-24 PM

Max was sick the other day. I saw on camera that he was getting some love. Our teachers are great. She had him go get his blankey and then put it over him and rocked him. We left work early to go grab him and he stayed home the next day with a low grade fever.

He is brand new today!

2015-05-19 19.22.51


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