I have always been a huge fan of pinterest. It took me a while to come aboard but I haven’t looked back since!

I have 2,108 pins and 36 boards. I pin stuff just to be able to look back on it. I don’t have a baby girl but I sure as heck have the cutest baby girl rooms if that ever happens (I am pretty sure Matt and I will have a boy filled family, lol)

I have made a pact to myself to complete a few projects by October. I always want to make the cutest holiday crafts and fill silly for doing it in July but then the fall comes and busy happens.

Here are my pinterest projects!

A “Seasons” Wall. I have not actually seen this but we do have a wall in the kitchen (where there is a dry erase calendar that still says “December” on it….that my dad antagonizes me every time he sees it. I am  going to take this down and make a picture collage of pictures about each season!

Here are some Spring pictures that I will put up

3-19-2015 8-02-22 AM

A “Hero” wall – About 2 years ago (I know, I am BAD!) I asked if I could get pictures from both of our families of everyone who was in the military. I wanted to make a wall that Max could look at and be proud of. Yeah, I have the pictures and in frames but nothing is up. I came across this pin the other day and hope to find a good picture to be in the center of all the pictures J

3-19-2015 8-13-05 AM

Halloween Countdown, Thanksgiving Countdown, Christmas Advent – I am going to continue with what We did for Thanksgiving – Maxim loved the thankful tree. I will also keep the Spider Halloween countdown as he got a kick out of that. I just need to get them set up and ready.

3-19-2015 10-13-39 AM

3-19-2015 10-15-07 AM

A Secret Christmas Present. I have to make 4 of these.


3-19-2015 8-14-06 AM

Happy Birthday Jesus Box (another Christmas Advent)

 3-19-2015 10-10-04 AM

Elf on the shelf ready and prepared for all his activities (My mom got him one last year and we just had him hang out on the fireplace and he pointed to him a lot. I have a feeling he will be ready this year)

 3-19-2015 10-10-21 AM

Completely finish my GOD quiet book – yeah, I almost finished this last year and did nothing with It, time to finish!!

 3-19-2015 10-12-32 AM

Paint the guest bathroom!! I have a wonderful vision in my head but I believe I will have to buy my fake pink peonies first before I go looking for a paint color. I am thinking a green but I am unsure right now.

3-19-2015 9-35-06 AM

Our first project should be the bathroom but I am going to be working hard on the Hero wall and Seasons wall!

Now for some Max pics!

2015-03-18 18.00.25

3-19-2015 10-27-16 AM

That is Max above…with his feet on the table, lol


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