Maxim is two!

Our love bug turned two on March 14th!!


Look at this booger!!


Now two!!!


We got him some balloons! He freaked!


We “mistakenly” got Max this chalk paint…our whole patio is covered as wells as his body! It wipes off so easily though!

He got some chalk from his Auntie C!!


I did not want to have a party, After his big 1st bday shindig I just wanted close family and friends and am waiting until he wants to have a party.

We went classy and popped on over to Chuck E. Cheese.

The toddler zone was crappy but we did what we could!!


He wanted to play Skee Ball so badly so we let him and had to yell “FOUR” a lot!!


He loves Gigi’s Cupcakes!


We spent all Sunday outside painting and hanging out in the sandbox…


My mom got him a Wobble, it is massive and a lot of fun to play with!


My parents going to Maui!! I had the pleasure of dropping them off at the Airport on Sunday Morning! I love airports!! It was super busy at 7am!


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