Max’s Stats!

Max had his 2 year check up this past Friday!



The kid won’t eat, but he’ll drink the heck out of Milk, Water, and super watered down juice!!

Stats: 34 inches and 26 lbs

We have always known the he wouldn’t be a massive child. They say you should double their height when they are 2 and that is how tall he will be…5’8″ it is!

26lbs is in the 40th or so percentile. We were floored, lol! We thought he would be underweight!

His screaming issues at bedtime are normal (the past two nights he hasn’t screamed when I put him to bed)

His eating issues are normal for this age!


We get home, I make his lunch and I hear this business going on. All toys were saved. The TP sadly met the end of their life and Max promptly laid on the wet floor.



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