Picture update of Max

I apologize for the lack of updating. It has been a rough few weeks and the following won’t be very easy but I thought i’d post some pictures of Max since I normally don’t

2015-02-19 07.48.37

He finally loves hats. He usually picks out his hat every day!

2015-02-09 16.13.29

He got a fever virus two weeks ago. It was super sad 😦 It makes me sad that he only wants to cuddle when he is sick, but I will take it.

2015-02-16 10.12.40

 I was off Presidents day so we went to Gallery Furniture to get some accessories for our home (free 🙂 ) I will have to post the pictures when the new picture is up! We got to see Monkeys though!!

2015-02-18 07.48.09

Another daily picture

2015-02-14 11.44.48

I got sick this past week with the fever virus. My mom came over and stayed with me and Max was fantastic! One of his awesome rewards!

2015-02-08 12.00.23

We went to Austin 2 weeks ago (with Max just getting sick) and celebrated Delaney’s birthday. The things people will do to get Cousin’s to smile!


He reminds me of Gandalf


Reading with LALA!


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