I won something!!

No, not the lottery!

I get an email every day that shows me some options on how to snag some freebies, Shop4Freebies is a wonderful site and they had a link to try to win some Oreos!

I apply for everything. The first and only thing I have ever really won was a Chia pet back in day. I finally won a Hess Blanket back in November for a raffle and then won myself a box of Red Velvet Oreos!

1-22-2015 2-46-41 PM

I’ll take it!! I should be betting it in a week! These are going to be perfect to make oreo cake balls!

I also stumbled across this the other day

1-19-2015 9-59-54 AM

Yeah, that is me about to be walking inside my parents house….on google maps. I like how they blur the license plates!

It is going to be an exciting weekend….guess who is turning 60?!?!?!

2015-01-15 19.23.28


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