How we got rid of the pacifier

Let’s hope Night 2 goes well!

Maxim had his 2nd dentist appointment last Friday (He went to his first one at 1yr old).

Teeth scare me (I am the most terrified about falling down and knocking out teeth and I have so many dreams about my teeth) so I took him when I thought he needed to go.

The dentist thought it was great to take him at 1 year old and recommends it for all kids who have teeth by 1.

2014-11-22 06.35.47

So we took him in January (should have been every 6 months but they only had appointments during his nap time) and we were told something we didn’t want to hear…. That Max’s palate is shifting because of his pacifier. We were told that we caught it early on and that it should shift back if we nix the pacifier. (I thought that only thumb sucking did this 😦 )


This brought great anxiety. He only uses it in the car and at night and it is shifting!!

I think I was more upset that my kid was growing up and we were letting go of another baby thing. He is a full blown toddler and we just had to nix the paci!


Here’s what we did.

1. We quit the car trip pacifier

2. We took out all but 1 plug that was to be with him at night (he used to have 6  because they would fall outside the crib during the night)

3. Once the plug fell out of bed he was out of luck and had to sleep without it for the rest of the night.

We did this Friday-Monday

He did remarkably well!

We heard of so many different ways to get rid of the pacifier.

We did cut a plug and gave it to him and he laughed at the air coming through when he tried to suck. I thought this would just piss him off in bed even more so we got rid of that idea. (Plus there are stories of kids chewing on the pacifier and ripping it to shreds)

We also did cut it cold turkey (that lasted 5 minutes). Max was so hooked on the pacifier at night that cutting his soother was mean (we thought). So we decided to do it gradually.

1-14-2015 7-06-47 AM

Matt is more brave than me so last night he put Max to bed without a pacifier and Max wanted to take a car to bed so we let him and then he told him goodnight and left. Max searched for the plug but there was no crying!

He did wake up around 5 and whined for about a minute and then went back to sleep. He is learning to put himself back to sleep without the pacifier.

Breaks my heart – my booger is growing up.

2015-01-13 21.18.38

No Pacifier!!

So small recap….

-Made it to where Pacifier was used only at night

-Only gave him one Pacifier to sleep with – if it fell out of crib he had to sleep without it (unless there was a major meltdown)

-Made sure he had his pillow and blankey and if he wanted a car in bed he could – said night night and to go to sleep very sweetly. We took the pacifier away the 5th night

-I am sure he will make a fuss some nights, but he can do it!


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