Gap Purchases!

I have said earlier that I have to crack down on the shopping. I am not one of those people that spend a lot of money but it does make me feel good buying something.

BUUUUT when it comes to giftcards – all bets off!

My wonderful Uncle and Godfather gave Maxim a Gap giftcard for Christmas. Buying GapBaby/GapKids is a rare treat – they are so darn expensive and I can get a lot more at Carters or Kohls!

I saw that they had one more day of 40% off some clothing so I jumped at the chance!


Maxim needed some solid colored long sleeve tees and a new had since his other one was never returned to owner 😦 Girls always have the cutest clothes so I got excited when they had a few boy tees for Valentines day!


Our giftcard was for $52.00 and then because I am a member of Hallmark Rewards program I had a $5 giftcard! We got all of this for free (meaning I didn’t spend a dime of my money – giftcard money, yes lol)

I also got a coupon for  $25 off my $50 dollar purchase that I can use in a few weeks that will go great to getting Maxim some more clothes because I think he is hitting a growth spurt!


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