Pics from my phone

Do you want to hear the latest updated with the Sanitizer Saga of 2015? I cam back to work on Monday and found this below.

2015-01-12 06.33.43

Someone decided to be a smart butt and brought the used sanitizer from the next desk over and stuck the post it on it.

No. Just. No.

People I swear.

Max took off his beanie in Target the other day (we were there at 815am – right when they opened) and I realized it was missing when we were leaving so we went through the whole store and came to find out someone picked it up and stashed it in their pocket.

Handmade R2D2 beanie…I cried all the way home. It has been a tough few days, lol.


You know how everyone has those spotless homes with white bedrooms and elegant crystal everything. No matter how hard I try to be sophisticated we will never have one of those homes. I have to have pictures all over the walls and stuffed toys…

I will never be an adult when it comes to Disney and Harry Potter

2015-01-10 15.33.40

I love Tsum Tsum’s! It is this big Japanese thing that Disney is trying to make big. i’ll bite!! My favorite Disney character has always been STITCH!

2015-01-11 09.57.55

Max rocking the winter look.

2015-01-10 15.50.48Riding La-Le-Oli (Ravioli – our cat’s name) at the mall!


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