Our poor hands…lol

I love hand sanitizer. I also don’t mind soap but run to sanitizer when I know the soap is that awful generic pink kind.

I either use Honest’s santizer which is like lotion or Bath and Body Works. No drying out and it smells fantastic!

I have brought sanitizer to the office twice before with no incidents.

Did you read that….? An incident occured!

I leave the sanitizer at my desk for everyone to use. It was a special “Stress Relief” sanitizer – one that we all need.

I brought it two days ago and when I got to my desk yesterday all ready to use it i came to find out it was GONE!

Seriously?! Someone stole my brand new sanitizer!

It always blows my mind when people steal from others. We bought the object with our own money and you decided that you need it more and for free. IF you really needed it at least leave me a note.

Karma sucks.

RIP Sanitizer.


I wasn’t going to write a note because I didn’t want to get in trouble but was told to. One of my co workers told me to write KARMA down and another wanted me to use her traffic cone that blinked.

2015-01-09 07.04.15Here’s hoping someone returns it.



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  1. That’s so terrible someone would steal it from your desk!! I used to be obsessed with B&BW hand sanitizers until I discovered EO lavender spray. It’s all organic & kills germs using lavender essential oils. They have it on amazon and normally it’s really reasonably priced!


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