I won something!!

No, not the lottery!

I get an email every day that shows me some options on how to snag some freebies, Shop4Freebies is a wonderful site and they had a link to try to win some Oreos!

I apply for everything. The first and only thing I have ever really won was a Chia pet back in day. I finally won a Hess Blanket back in November for a raffle and then won myself a box of Red Velvet Oreos!

1-22-2015 2-46-41 PM

I’ll take it!! I should be betting it in a week! These are going to be perfect to make oreo cake balls!

I also stumbled across this the other day

1-19-2015 9-59-54 AM

Yeah, that is me about to be walking inside my parents house….on google maps. I like how they blur the license plates!

It is going to be an exciting weekend….guess who is turning 60?!?!?!

2015-01-15 19.23.28


Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday! First time doing this!

We got a beautiful live wreath from Matt’s Dad and Step Mom. It lights up and smells heavenly! Christmas has come and gone and I don’t want to take it down.

It is an oddly shaped wreath but I don’t want to trim it because we all know how that will go!2015-01-16 12.37.37

Max and I went to the Dollar Store the other day and found these Valentines Day fake flowers.

2015-01-16 12.42.16

Not bad huh?

$4.00 and my Valentines Day Wreath is done. Whenever we have more Money I definitely want to make my own precious wreath, but this will do this year!

Max got a Build a Bear!

Maxim has been doing great without the pacifier!

It takes him longer to fall asleep and he has had little cries in the middle of the night but goes right back to bed. Deja Vu of his first year of life (when he couldn’t get himself back to sleep).

We decided to celebrate by going to Build a Bear. I could not for the life of me find any coupons (bummed) but we still went. I had money left over from a Mall Gift card and decided to treat the booger.

2015-01-16 14.47.04

He got to pick out two hearts because we are crazy parents and didn’t have our cameras out and we missed the first inserting of the heart

2015-01-16 14.47.07

Oh yeah, he picked a Giraffe! He first picked up a Longhorn but told him no, hahah, we just showed him other NON UT options 😉

2015-01-16 14.47.08

So we got to name the Giraffe! Max isn’t quite there with picking out a name but I believe when we asked him he said Raffe (Giraffe) but I heard ROSS. It stuck – So the Giraffe’s name is ROSS and he calls it Ross all the time!

Crazy thing Matt pointed out: Ross (David Schwimmer) was a Giraffe in Madagascar! Small World

2015-01-16 14.57.06

2015-01-16 14.56.46

He LOVES Ross! I love seeing him tug the guy around!

2015-01-16 14.57.03

How we got rid of the pacifier

Let’s hope Night 2 goes well!

Maxim had his 2nd dentist appointment last Friday (He went to his first one at 1yr old).

Teeth scare me (I am the most terrified about falling down and knocking out teeth and I have so many dreams about my teeth) so I took him when I thought he needed to go.

The dentist thought it was great to take him at 1 year old and recommends it for all kids who have teeth by 1.

2014-11-22 06.35.47

So we took him in January (should have been every 6 months but they only had appointments during his nap time) and we were told something we didn’t want to hear…. That Max’s palate is shifting because of his pacifier. We were told that we caught it early on and that it should shift back if we nix the pacifier. (I thought that only thumb sucking did this 😦 )


This brought great anxiety. He only uses it in the car and at night and it is shifting!!

I think I was more upset that my kid was growing up and we were letting go of another baby thing. He is a full blown toddler and we just had to nix the paci!


Here’s what we did.

1. We quit the car trip pacifier

2. We took out all but 1 plug that was to be with him at night (he used to have 6  because they would fall outside the crib during the night)

3. Once the plug fell out of bed he was out of luck and had to sleep without it for the rest of the night.

We did this Friday-Monday

He did remarkably well!

We heard of so many different ways to get rid of the pacifier.

We did cut a plug and gave it to him and he laughed at the air coming through when he tried to suck. I thought this would just piss him off in bed even more so we got rid of that idea. (Plus there are stories of kids chewing on the pacifier and ripping it to shreds)

We also did cut it cold turkey (that lasted 5 minutes). Max was so hooked on the pacifier at night that cutting his soother was mean (we thought). So we decided to do it gradually.

1-14-2015 7-06-47 AM

Matt is more brave than me so last night he put Max to bed without a pacifier and Max wanted to take a car to bed so we let him and then he told him goodnight and left. Max searched for the plug but there was no crying!

He did wake up around 5 and whined for about a minute and then went back to sleep. He is learning to put himself back to sleep without the pacifier.

Breaks my heart – my booger is growing up.

2015-01-13 21.18.38

No Pacifier!!

So small recap….

-Made it to where Pacifier was used only at night

-Only gave him one Pacifier to sleep with – if it fell out of crib he had to sleep without it (unless there was a major meltdown)

-Made sure he had his pillow and blankey and if he wanted a car in bed he could – said night night and to go to sleep very sweetly. We took the pacifier away the 5th night

-I am sure he will make a fuss some nights, but he can do it!

Gap Purchases!

I have said earlier that I have to crack down on the shopping. I am not one of those people that spend a lot of money but it does make me feel good buying something.

BUUUUT when it comes to giftcards – all bets off!

My wonderful Uncle and Godfather gave Maxim a Gap giftcard for Christmas. Buying GapBaby/GapKids is a rare treat – they are so darn expensive and I can get a lot more at Carters or Kohls!

I saw that they had one more day of 40% off some clothing so I jumped at the chance!


Maxim needed some solid colored long sleeve tees and a new had since his other one was never returned to owner 😦 Girls always have the cutest clothes so I got excited when they had a few boy tees for Valentines day!


Our giftcard was for $52.00 and then because I am a member of Hallmark Rewards program I had a $5 giftcard! We got all of this for free (meaning I didn’t spend a dime of my money – giftcard money, yes lol)

I also got a coupon for  $25 off my $50 dollar purchase that I can use in a few weeks that will go great to getting Maxim some more clothes because I think he is hitting a growth spurt!

Pics from my phone

Do you want to hear the latest updated with the Sanitizer Saga of 2015? I cam back to work on Monday and found this below.

2015-01-12 06.33.43

Someone decided to be a smart butt and brought the used sanitizer from the next desk over and stuck the post it on it.

No. Just. No.

People I swear.

Max took off his beanie in Target the other day (we were there at 815am – right when they opened) and I realized it was missing when we were leaving so we went through the whole store and came to find out someone picked it up and stashed it in their pocket.

Handmade R2D2 beanie…I cried all the way home. It has been a tough few days, lol.


You know how everyone has those spotless homes with white bedrooms and elegant crystal everything. No matter how hard I try to be sophisticated we will never have one of those homes. I have to have pictures all over the walls and stuffed toys…

I will never be an adult when it comes to Disney and Harry Potter

2015-01-10 15.33.40

I love Tsum Tsum’s! It is this big Japanese thing that Disney is trying to make big. i’ll bite!! My favorite Disney character has always been STITCH!

2015-01-11 09.57.55

Max rocking the winter look.

2015-01-10 15.50.48Riding La-Le-Oli (Ravioli – our cat’s name) at the mall!

Our poor hands…lol

I love hand sanitizer. I also don’t mind soap but run to sanitizer when I know the soap is that awful generic pink kind.

I either use Honest’s santizer which is like lotion or Bath and Body Works. No drying out and it smells fantastic!

I have brought sanitizer to the office twice before with no incidents.

Did you read that….? An incident occured!

I leave the sanitizer at my desk for everyone to use. It was a special “Stress Relief” sanitizer – one that we all need.

I brought it two days ago and when I got to my desk yesterday all ready to use it i came to find out it was GONE!

Seriously?! Someone stole my brand new sanitizer!

It always blows my mind when people steal from others. We bought the object with our own money and you decided that you need it more and for free. IF you really needed it at least leave me a note.

Karma sucks.

RIP Sanitizer.


I wasn’t going to write a note because I didn’t want to get in trouble but was told to. One of my co workers told me to write KARMA down and another wanted me to use her traffic cone that blinked.

2015-01-09 07.04.15Here’s hoping someone returns it.